External Gates

A modern and fresh design, with a choice of panels, stainless steel handles and colours.

PVC outdoor gates are a versatile and durable option for adding security and style to your home. Known for its weather resistance and low maintenance, PVC is an ideal material for outdoor gates.

These gates offer a wide range of designs and styles, from traditional to modern and contemporary options. With a variety of colours and finishes available, you can find the perfect PVC gate to complement the look of your home.

In addition to their attractive appearance, PVC gates are easy to install and require little maintenance. Unlike wooden gates, they will not warp, splinter or corrode, which means they will maintain their appearance and functionality for years to come.

Another advantage of PVC gates is their resistance to moisture and insects, making them an ideal choice for areas with humid climates. You won’t have to worry about wood rot or insect damage.

In short, PVC external gates are an attractive, durable and low-maintenance option for adding security and style to your home. With a wide range of designs and colours, you’ll find the perfect gate to complement your outdoor space.


Window profile


Profiles with a minimum depth of 70 mm and 5 insulation chambers. Can accommodate special and very thick glass. Angled rebate for better evacuation and airtight double seal. Two types of leaves: recessed (70 mm) and semi-flush (82 mm).

Eurofutur Elegance System


The pvc doors manufactured with this system incorporate the latest advances in profile engineering to achieve the highest levels of insulation and resistance. But EuroFutur Elegance not only stands out for its technical characteristics but also for its refined aesthetics of soft shapes. It has an extensive variety of frames, leaves and accessories offering solutions for all styles and giving a touch of distinction to any environment.

Advantages Insulation

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The pvc insulation system allows to keep the heat in the rooms, as well as to insulate them from cold, heat and noise.


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Juan Verdún is a company committed to its customers and the environment.

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