UPVC Sliding Premiline Windows

Window profile


PremiLine profiles have three insulation chambers and thickness up to 84 mm. It can be glazed from 4 to 28 mm. The rebate is inclined to facilitate drainage. Beveled profiles and perfect corner finish.


Premiline System


This system for PVC sliding windows is specially designed with comfort in mind. Thanks to its solid structure and the design of its stainless steel rails, it achieves a smooth and silent movement.
It is a very durable and easy to use system that fits all types of openings thanks to its wide range of accessories.Es ist ein sehr langlebiges und einfach zu bedienendes System, das dank seines vielfältigen Zubehörs in alle Arten von Öffnungen passt.


Advantages Insulation

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Committed to maintaining energy

The pvc insulation system allows to keep the heat in the rooms, as well as to insulate them from cold, heat and noise.

We follow best practice

Juan Verdún is a company committed to its customers and the environment.

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